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What are bioidentical pellets?
Bioidentical pellets are hormones composed of soybeans and yams and artificially grown in laboratories. Their composition alone speaks for itself — they do not contain a single gram of synthetics. Therefore, once in the human body, they are perceived as their own, which, accordingly, allows them to interact only with the right receptors, without affecting the overall hormonal background.

Hormonal pellets should not even be compared to the various ointments, pills and injections on the pharmaceutical market. Their main advantage is complete safety. Implants do no harm, on the contrary, they improve your well-being and health in general.
Advantages of bioidentical pellets
Fats are burned, which allows you to get rid of cellulite faster
It eliminates fatigue and makes you feel strong, energetic and vigorous. Even if the sleep regime is not regulated
Sexual life will be filled with new vibrant emotions
Pellet with testosterone helps women recover quickly after childbirth
High performance and memory. Testosterone and other hormones enter the body, all systems recover and the brain receives a mood-regulating hormone
First of all, pellets are necessary for people with signs of hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance. As well as patients who are overweight, in the presence of depression, decreased libido, problems in intimate life, chronic fatigue and a weak immune system.
Who needs biodental pellets?
• dry skin, hair loss, increased sweating
• weakness, irritability, depression, fatigue
• decreased libido and sexual desire
• muscle weakness, inability to perform light physical activity
• the appearance of the «lifeline», overweight and cellulite, which is not eliminated by any exercise or diet
Hormonal disorders in women are expressed by the following symptoms:
• chronic fatigue
• erectile dysfunction
• weight gain or inability to gain muscle mass
• decreased sexual activity and libido
• low blood pressure
In men, hormone deficiency manifests itself through:
What problems are solved by pellets?
Pellet therapy is used in different branches of medicine. It is actively used by gynecologists, sexopathologists, urologists, reproductologists and gerontologists (doctors who specialize in quality of life and its extension).

Hormonal pellets biopell help improve memory and performance, get rid of excess weight, establish an intimate life, cross fatigue out of your life, forget about chronic insomnia, remove cellulite.

But before installing pellets, it is necessary to pass certain tests.
Pellet NADH
Megamind Chip
Pellet testosterone + gestrinone
Pellet metformin
Beauty Chip
Slimness Chip

Prior to the procedure, you must undergo tests

A list of required tests can be found below
For women
For men
All necessary tests you can take in our clinic.
4405 UAH
1. On day 3–4 of the cycle the following hormones are tested: LH, FSH, estradiol, prolactin, total, free testosterone, androstenedione, DHEA-C, 17-ON-progesterone, dihydrotestosterone.
2. Total blood count expanded
3. Biochemical blood tests: ALT, AST, total protein, total bilirubin, creatinine, total cholesterol.
4. Zinc, magnesium, ionized calcium, iron, ferritin, potassium and sodium, vitamin D total
5. Cortisol (to be taken only in the morning before 11:00 a.m. by saliva)
6. TSH, free T4, ATPO

• Nome index
• Glucose
• Insulin
• Vitamin B12
• Homocysteine
List of tests for women
All necessary tests you can take in our clinic.
3840 UAH
1. Total testosterone, free testosterone, DHEA-C, dihydrotestosterone, FSH, LH, estrogen, prostate-specific antigen PSA
2. Complete general blood test
3. Biochemical blood count: ALT, AST, total protein, total bilirubin, creatinine, total cholesterol
4. Zinc, magnesium, ionized calcium, iron, ferritin, potassium and sodium, vitamin D
5. Cortisol (to be taken only in the morning before 11:00 a.m. on saliva)
6. TSH, free T4, ATPO
7. HOMA Index
8. Glucose
9. Insulin
10. Vitamin B12
List of tests for men

Prices for bioidentical pellets

* The clinic reserves the right to change the cost of the procedure depending on the market conditions
Results of our customers after treatment
More possibilities with the clinic card Dr. Estet Conducted with a line of credit!
Early repayment without commissions. Interest is calculated for the actual term of the loan
Interest rate - 2.5% per month
The first payment is optional. A loan can be issued both for the full cost of the procedure, and for a partial cost
Only passport and code required. Without income statement and surety
Revolving credit line. After payment of payments, the line of credit will be available again
Registration within 15 minutes
• Credit line for services in the clinic up to UAH 300,000
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Details of the conditions by phone:
Bioidentical Pellet Specialists
Atamanchuk Karolina Vasilievna
The Head Doctor of the Clinic, dermatologist, doctor of the first category, more than 15 years of experience.
— Cosmetology and Injections
— Dermatology
— Aesthetic Medicine
— Trichology
— Hardware and laser procedures

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